Using the serial Number to retrieve the name of a Compter

Some of our Computers have no Computer Names given during the time of deployment. I was wondering if there is a way of giving my co-worker a Script to retrieve the Computer Names? Much appreaciated.

Not by serial number, no. At best, if you know the network adapter MAC, you could query your dhcp server to see what up address it was using.

You can but it would entail performing WMI various queries on every computer to return the name and serial number. You could examine the returned data to get the info you need.

I believe there’s another thread on this forum involving retrieving the name, OS and serial number info.

Thanks everybody. I was so impressed about the quick reply. I heard so much about how the Team regards each and every Question as personal and Important and it has been proven right. There are some really great people behind this Team. Many Thanks.

Are these computers domain joined?

"Some of our Computers have no Computer Names given during the time of deployment. "

It is impossible to not have a computer name, can you elaborate on this?

Hi Mike, You are right. I did not elaborate better on this one. It all started when we deployed almost 900 Computers with Windows 8.1 to the existing Windows XP Computers. What we have found out is that there might be 2 physical Computers with the same Computer Name. There is also the possibility of Computers having a fake Computer Name. What I am looking for is something simple like a Read-Host and then use that serial number to find the Computer name. The majority of the computers are correctly registered, so its just a few (maybe 2 to 5) computers that we need to track. Thanks for your support.

There are still a lot of things you haven’t told us that would be really useful.

  • Are these computers in a domain?
  • If so they must have unique names.
  • If not, what security context do you intend to use to access the systems?
  • Do they have PSRemoting enabled?
  • What are you using as your master source for serial numbers and how do you plan to correlate that to a new name?
  • What do you mean by a "fake name"?
We really do need more info here.