using select-string

As far as I understand select-string is the closest analogue to grep in powershell (someone should tell Snover to add it as an alias :slight_smile: ). I try to just “search through the text” of the command output, but sometimes I get weird results. for example, it never works for the output of invoke-webrequest. I am doing something wrong?

alias “grep” would be nice :slight_smile:

Can you, specify what problem are you having with Select-String when used with Invoke-WebRequest?

Without seeing any specifics, it’s hard to say what your problem is. However, I can offer a guess. The -Pattern you pass to Select-String, by default, is a regular expression. If you’re not expecting this, you may be using special regex characters that need to be escaped in order to work properly. If you don’t want to do a regex pattern, just add the -SimpleMatch switch to your call to Select-String, and the pattern becomes a literal string.