Using powershell to create a word doc, but cant put focus outside of table

I’m using powershell to create a word report to show some AD information. I have it presenting a table and putting information into it which works fine…but I’m unsure how to put focus AFTER the table…so when I do $selection.typeparagraph() it just creates a new line in the table…how do I put focus outside the table after it is created/populated?

$word = New-Object -ComObject word.application
$word.visible = $true
$doc = $word.documents.add()
$selection = $word.selection

$90DaysAgo = (get-date).AddDays(-90)

$90StaleUsers = ($adusers | ? {$.PasswordLastSet -le $90DaysAgo -and $.enabled -eq $true}).samaccountname | Sort-Object

#total rows
$RowCount = $90staleusers.count / 3
$i = 1 #count row
$C = 1 #count column
$Table = $selection.Tables.Add(
foreach($90user in $90staleusers)
if($i -le $rowcount)
$table.cell($i,$c).range.text = $90user
$table.cell($i,$c).range.text = $90user

#here the table is populated correctly, but i want to exit it and put focus BACK to the document after the table…but it just populates more crap to the table…

Any help would be greatly appreciated