Using Powershell how can I retrieve “Policy Application Status” from Exchange?

I am writing a script to process quarantined mobile devices in exchange 2019 and before allowing them I need to confirm that the “Policy application status” is “Applied in full” but I am not seeing that as an option to reference using Get-MobileDevice.

How are you determining you have looked at all possibilities via that cmdlet?

Are you just selecting properties, or using the Get-Member cmdlet on one device to see all properties and methods, etc.?

Or did you read the full online help dog and not see what is / is not possible?

I don’t have any E2K19 servers in play, yet, but the E2K16 cmdlet specifically states there is no such option(s) for what you are after.

(Get-MobileDevice)[0] | Get-Member -Force

So, that means you are using the wrong cmdlet to get what you are after.

It’s …

# get function / cmdlet details
Get-Command -Name Get-MobileDeviceStatistics -Syntax
(Get-Command -Name Get-MobileDeviceStatistics).Parameters.Keys
Get-help -Name Get-MobileDeviceStatistics -Full
Get-help -Name Get-MobileDeviceStatistics -Online
Get-help -Name Get-MobileDeviceStatistics -Examples