Using PIN with certificate for credentials instead of "Get-Credential"

We are enforcing smart cards in our environment and require the use of PINs with admin accounts. We are taking advantage of the “Username hint” field to put in a different account. However, Get-Credential does not allow you to use “username hint.” Apparently there is some PowerShell support for certificate credentials that I would like to test out, but I am unable to find any examples of how to use the “CredMarshalCredential” API, like shown in the “Hey, Scripting Guy!” blog (below). Any help would be greatly appreciated.

hmm actually, it looks like I can use my smart card with “get-credential” by clicking the drop-down, but I still cannot use a different account (taking advantage of “username hint”). Don’t think the other API will help either. If anyone has any idea how I can use “Username hint” in powershell or somehow select a different account that the same certificate is mapped to, let me know.