Using -Debug prompts to continue even when $DebugPreference = 'Continue'

I am working with a 3rd party cmdlet that I am calling in a script. Somehow, no matter what I set $DebugPreference to, if I call the cmdlet with -Debug, it always prompts to continue. I’ve tried:

$DebugPreference = ‘Continue’

$script:DebugPreference = ‘Continue’

$Global:DebugPreference = ‘Continue’

What am I missing?



What is that cmdlet ? can you share the source ?

In PowerShell v5.1, calling a cmdlet with the -Debug parameter always sets $DebugPreference to Inquire for the duration of the cmdlet. In other words, you should set the variable and then call the cmdlet without the -Debug parameter.

In PowerShell 6.2 and newer, this behaviour was altered and the -Debug parameter itself actually sets $DebugPreference to Continue instead.