Using break or return inside of a invoke-command.

Hi all

I have a nested look, that I need to break, when a Array List turns to 0. This works just fine when i’m running it locally… But when I use it remote, in invoke-command, it breaks out of both loops and the PSsession.

Can some one help me, figure out what i’m doing wrong here. I thourd that using

and then
break inner
would do the trick as I’m telling powershell to break out of the nested loop, and continuing on, in the top loop.

# The :inner is used to break out of the nested look below here.

    $CurrentNumber = $Counter

        $MergedList1 += $TotalMergedListUnique[0]

        if ($TotalMergedListUnique.count -eq 0)
            break inner

    until ( ($MergedList1.count -eq 200) )

    $($MergedList1 -join " | ")
    " `n `n  "
until ($Counter -eq $GroupCount)

Please do tell me if I’m missing out on some critical information to answer this question.

regardless of the ‘break’ why you doesn’t use until ((TotalMergedListUnique.count -eq 0) -or ($MergedList1.count -eq 200) ?

the help states that “A Break statement can include a label. If you use the Break keyword with
a label, Windows PowerShell exits the labeled loop instead of exiting the
current loop.”
and your label not before the loop as showed in example
“it must be followed by the looping keyword, such as While.”


Can you provide sample input such as

$TotalMergedListUnique = @(1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10)
$startCount =...

and desired output?

@Max Kozlov: I do think only god can tell why I didn’t use

until ((TotalMergedListUnique.count -eq 0) -or ($MergedList1.count -eq 200)
it do what I need without Return or/and Break… Same sec I read your comment, I was like… What the Bl*** H***! :slight_smile:
Thank you so much for that note… Some times you can see the forest for all the trees…

@Sam Boutros:
$TotalMergedListUnique = @(".fileex0",".fileex2",".fileex3",".fileex4","*.fileex5",)
$startCount = 0

But Max solved for me… I’ve just been away for my PC to update the post here.

Thanks both of you, for taking your time to reply on my post :slight_smile: