username cannot be changed


I have used this site for a while now. I am not able to use my old account, as it only gives me the option of signing in with one of the numerous social networks. I have tried using Google and Facebook, but both log me into the same account.


This has long been a problem of mine on Facebook, and I’ve been meaning to sort out (but I just dont care enough), HOWEVER, my username is showing up as ANALCHEESE. This happens no matter if I sign in with Google (preferred) or Facebook. Obviously this is a) somewhat offensive, b) embarrassing, c) probably against some rule or other.

Can you please make an exception and allow me to change this??? I don’t know why it defaults to that bloody username!!!

Thank you.

FWIW, your username shows here in the forums as “Greg Dent.”

That username, however, is in fact being fed to us from the social networks you use to login. We can’t reach out to those and change it. We also can’t change the username in the database here - it’s the one piece of permanent information we have. That’s not us being mean, it’s the way the software works. About the only thing we can offer is to delete your account and let you log in again. If you’d like to do that, reach out to webmaster@ via e-mail. We can delete your “old” account, too, if you can point it out.

We only accept registrations and logins from one of the social networks. We match on e-mail address; if you log in on two networks and they feed us the same e-mail address, it’s matched to the same account here. It’s meant to be convenient, so you can log in with whatever network you like and get attached to the same identity here. Before creating a new account, I’d urge you to make sure whatever social network you’re using has correct information for you. We only take the username and e-mail address.

Fair enough. Probably leave it to be honest. It’s a pain - long story short I got fraped once and they changed my Facebook user name to that. And facebook has a fantastic policy of only ever allowing one username change.

Long as it doesn’t show up anywhere,its cool. I was just a bit bemused as to how it got here - I signed in with Google explicitly for that reason!

Ah well! Thanks for the help.