User Input into PopUp Display Widow

I’m new to powershell and I am trying to figure out how to get variable data onto a new form.

I have a main menu which asks for user input for a test system, ‘ts’.

I also ask for an OS Version, x64 or x86 per checkboxes.

After the user inputs data and clicks OK. I would like to have the user input display onto a popup window to verify the information is correct. My problem is that the inputted data does not display onto the popup window. Also with the checkboxes, if one is selected, I do not want the user to be allowed to select the other. It would be either x64 or x86, not both.

I left an example within the txt doc with the Host System, ‘computer name’, on how I’d like the information displayed. Can someone assist me on figuring this out?

The code you attached only generates a form. You’ll need to have code attached to an “OK” button in order to take any action - I don’t see where you’re generating a new form, or a MsgBox.

And if the x86 vs x64 is intended to be one-or-the-other, you use radio buttons, not check boxes.

But, without seeing the rest of your code, it’s a little difficult to tell you what to do. Long story short, I’d consider using a MsgBox to display the information.

Are you using PowerShell Studio or PrimalForms to do this, or doing it all manually?