Update UDCX files with PowerShell

by spsuperfreak at 2012-11-21 07:02:30

I am working on a script for a client that will move data connections from DEV to PROD via PowerShell. During this process I need to check the GUID of the old UDCX file, lookup the List name and match it to the list in the PROD environment and then update the UDCX as it is moved to the new connection library in PROD. I have most of the pieces figured out and working except for the making changes to the UDCX. I cannot simply cast the SharePoint list item to [xml] and update the appropriate nodes. What is the best way to edit the actual content of the UDCX while it resides in SharePoint? I am familiar with changing columns in SharePoint but not the actual content of the file. It could be as simple as a %{$_ -replace “srctxt”,“replacetext”} but I cannot see to get to the content of the file to do this.
by ToddKlindt at 2012-11-21 07:45:03
I haven’t actually done the thing you’re trying to do, so I’m kind of guessing here. Does Update-SPInfoPathUserFileInfo do what you’re looking for? It looks like it does a find and replace when moving from one farm to another.