Update field in imported csv file

Hi guys,
Hoping to get some pointers.

Script flow is

  1. import CSV - userimport.csv which has user related information eg name, state, department, role etc and additional empty coloumns in excel file are status and time.
  2. script starts and scans the status field, if its empty, it tried to create Ad user “jnow” account
    a. if success, script updates a new csv exchangeimport.csv with append paramter, add all fields for user from userimport.csv and also updates the row for ad user “jnow”, coloumn status and time.
    And also updates userimport.csv, coloumn status to ‘ok’ and time stamp for the existing entry jsnow user.

b. If failure, script leaves column status to ‘blank’.

I am struggling to update the status field of userimport.csv for the user whose account has successfully been created. Can you please give me some ideas?

Our environment is very restricted, and we can not use PS connections so I planning to use the output from one section, feed to exchange and then its output for skype etc.


You should post the relevant code here. You don’t need to create a new post you can edit you initial one and add the code you are having trouble with.

Can you share what you have done and specifically what is not working?