Update CSV files with the part of the file name itself.

Hi guys,

first time poster, any help would be great.

I’m looking for a script that can update a number of CSV files in a folder, inserting part of the name of the file itself (which is a date).

For example the files are called:-

The contents of the files contain:-

I would like to be able to insert the date somehow into the current format so it looks like the following for the file created on the 01-Feb-2017:-

I then plan to merge them which is easy enough I just need the dates added before I do.

Thanks for any tips or pointers.

Hi Barry,

I’ve created a quick example which could work for you.

param (
    $Path = 'C:\Input\Load-*',

    $OutputFilePath = 'C:\Output\Combined.csv'

Get-ChildItem -Path $Path -File -PipelineVariable loadFile | 
    ForEach-Object {
        # Split the filename (basename) without the extension into two items
        $fileDate = ($loadFile.BaseName.Split('-', 2)[1])
        Get-Content -Path $loadFile.FullName | ForEach-Object { "$PSItem,$fileDate" }
    } | Out-File -FilePath $OutputFilePath

It gets a list of files (Get-ChildItem), iterates over the list (ForEach-Object), splits the filename (basename) into two parts (Load and xx-xxx-xxxx), loads each file into an array lines (Get-Content), iterates over the array of lines (2nd ForEach-Object), appends the file date extracted earlier to each line and outputs everything into one merged/combined file (Out-File).

Legend, thanks Daniel. Works perfectly.

Again thanks for the quick reply!

I’m glad my reply was helpful :-). Thank you.