Universal Code Execution Model

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I’m a noob/convert to PowerShell…

Trying to understand get more information on Universal Code Execution Model. Very few google search results on this subject, did find something by Jeffrey Snover but links unfortunately broken/old?

I believe UCEM allows me to create a script on a client/source host and then execute that script on a remote host using Invoke-Command, script is converted to script block? How does UCEM guarantee that script written on client/source host will run on a remote host, are there not any .Net (or even powershell) version requirements for both client/source and remote host please?

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Is there a particular task you want to accomplish or a particular issue you have to solve?

I can’t remember ever hearing of “Universal Code Execution Model”. It might be the scientific fundation for the used technique but the term might not be used widely.

If you want to know how to run tasks on remote computers with PowerShell you should search for “PowerShell remoting”