Trying to use PSDscResources, but get error...

Ok, so I read that we should be using PSDscResources instead of built in module PSDesiredStateConfiguration, in some Microsoft docs, since it can be updated now and PSDesiredConfiguration can only be updated with every OS Refresh, but when I create a configuration and include the line Import-DscResource -ModuleName PSDscResources -ModuleVersion , I get a red line under it with the following error message:
Resource Name “Archive” is already being used by another resource or configuration. I know what this problem is, the resources in PsDscResources are the same as the ones in PSDesiredStateCOnfiguration. I am also using ISESteroids, so that may be putting up this red line and error message, but does anybody know if there is a way to tell the ISE to use PSDscResources, and not the built-in PSDesiredStateCOnfiguration? Also I noticed that a lot of people online are still using the built-in resource. Did Microsoft change the recommendation to use PSDscResources instead???

Hey James,

We are looking into this issue now. We are able to reproduce it so will get back to you when I have more info.