Trying to create a table via Powershell

Hi Guys, I do have bunch of target folders that I’m trying to check them regularly via PS script;

goes on

I wanna make get an output something like this

Ref AppFolderSize(GB)
AAAA0001 3GB
BBBB0001 2GB
CCCC0001 5GB
DDDD0001 8GB

Has someone done this?

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Thanks in advance.

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That’s such a basic question that I wonder why you even spend the effort to create an account in a forum and ask a question. You could have find a solution by google-ing in a matter of seconds.

What I’ve don so far is just draft codes, couldn’t figure out how to do it really,


$companies = “Z:\RootFolder”
$folders = Get-ChildItem -Path $companies -Exclude Backup,Robocopy -Directory -Name -Force -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue

foreach {
Write-Host $_.Name


| ForEach-Object {ls “$companies$_.Name\Apps”}

-Process {{dir $_Name} {“{0:N2} GB” -f (gci $_Name -Recurse | measure Length -s).sum / 1Gb)}}

{“{0:N2} GB” -f ((gci “$companies$_Name\Apps” -Recurse | measure Length -s).sum / 1Gb)}

| ForEach-Object -Process {“{0:N2} GB” -f ((gci $_Name -Recurse | measure Length -s).sum / 1Gb)}

$companies = “Z:\RootFolder”
“{0:N2} GB” -f ((gci “$companies\BBBB0001\Apps” -Recurse | measure Length -s).sum / 1Gb)

“{0:N2} GB” -f ((gci -Recurse | measure Length -s).sum / 1Gb)

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