Translate CURL command-line to Powershell

Hi guys,

I’m not able to translate the following command-line to Powershell:

curl -X GET -H “Content-Type: application/json” -H “X-Access-Key: <token>” -d ‘{“report_time”:“monthly”,“report_type”:“summary”,“month”:“4”,“account_id”:“91ea5bd5cdc04adb9f5e3c00a346c463”}’ ‘https://<zios-address>:8443/api/zios/usage_reports/generate.json’

The problem is how to translate the parameter “-d” to the Powershell.

Could you help me please?


The Invoke-RestMethod equivalent of curl’s -d is the body parameter. I think the equivalent will be this but obviously I can’t check it works:

$param = @{
    Uri = 'https://<zios-address&gt;:8443/api/zios/usage_reports/generate.json'
    Headers = @{X-Access-Key = "<token>"}
    Content-Type = "application/json"
    Body = @{
             report_time = "monthly";
             report_type = "summary"; 
                   month = "4"; 
              account_id = "91ea5bd5cdc04adb9f5e3c00a346c463"
    Method = 'Post'

Invoke-RestMethod @param

Good reference guide here:


Great! It’s working!

Thank you Matt!