to run .exe ,.vbs ,.bat files on remote machines

hi all,

i required your help in letting me know ,does valid authentication required to run any .exe ,.vbs or .bat files on remote machines.

am a administrator in my organisation where i my id of part of administrative group in all the domain computers but still i am unable to run any of these files , help me out please .

here is the cmdlet am using

invoke-command -scriptblock { cscript "c:\myscript\script.vbs /act} -computername $computer

this comes up with zero errors but can see .vbs file is not executing on remote machine.

i request you to share the proper cmdlet to run all of these files on remote machine.

Just wondering - should the script block be { cscript.exe "c:\myscript\script.vbs /act}

hi andrew -even this is not working

help me in sharing cmdlet to run bat file on remote machines .

I am noticing that the scriptblock does not have a closed quote. it has an open quote but it is not closed. { cscript "c:\myscript\script.vbs /act} should it be { cscript “c:\myscript\script.vbs /act”} ?

I may be wrong but I have been tripped up by the most trivial things.