the Copy commond with "-include"

while my command like this:

Copy-Item ‘C:\trans*’-Include ‘*.flv’ -Destination 'C:\test' -Recurse -Force

but it does not work

while i change the “-include” into “-exclude” it really work ;

I don’t know why

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What exactly do you mean with:

What is in your source directory and what would you expect to happen? You could try the parameter -Filter instead.

Copy-Item ‘C:\trans*’ -Filter ‘*.flv’ -Destination 'C:\test' -Recurse -Force

What’s the error message? It works for me, as long as the source path has a wildcard. Only .flv files are copied.

I did this ,but nothing has be copied still.

What happens when you use Get-ChildItem with the parameter you use for Copy-Item?

Get-ChildItem -Path 'C:\trans\*' -Include '*.flv' -Recurse

You might try it with the parameter -Filter as well …

Get-ChildItem -Path 'C:\trans\*' -Filter '*.flv' -Recurse