Text file manipulation question

Hi All,

I have a text file of 500+ FQDN server names. Example:






I need to add the following entries for each servername:





How would one go about doing this?


Thanks in advance




String manipulation is a very powerful tool. Really you have 4 steps to accomplish.

  1. Import your file, I’m choosing to do this with a get content

  2. Massage your data, this is really the tricky part. I really only need to break off the leaf name (and I did this using a split and grabbing the 0 index). Then it’s just adding some string concatenation to add your brackets in.

  3. Write your output, this is simple once you’ve massaged it.

  4. Loop it

$FQDNS = Get-Content FQDNFile.txt

ForEach ($FQDN in $FQDNS)


$leaf = $FQDN.Split(".")[0]

out-file -filepath "FQDNFile2.txt" -Append -inputobject "[$leaf]"

out-file -filepath "FQDNFile2.txt" -Append -inputobject "parent=Group"

out-file -filepath "FQDNFile2.txt" -Append -inputobject "host=$FQDN"


# Create an object for each server then export results to csv

$server = Get-Content .\server.txt

$result =

foreach ($s in $server){


ServerName = $s -replace '.domain.com'

host = $s

parent = 'Group'



$result | Export-Csv .\server.csv -NoTypeInformation

Thanks Random Commandline!


I ended up using below code (Thanks Pedro Casalinho), but yours also seems to do the trick:


$FQDNServers = Get-Content C:\Temp\FQDNServers.txt
$Converted = @()
foreach ($iFQDNServers in $FQDNServers) {
$Output = @'
'@ -f (($iFQDNServers.Split('.'))[0], $iFQDNServers)
$Converted += $Output
$Converted | Set-Content c:\Temp\FQDNServersConverted.txt



Thanks again for the help!

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