Tag parameter not working with Get-AzureRMResourceGroup

Is anyone else experiencing an issue where the value in the key value pairs that are AzureRm resource tags are not filtered by key when running Get-AzureRMResourceGroup ?

Example, the following returns all AzureRM resource groups that have any tag with the value of ‘Value1’:

Get-AzureRmResourceGroup -Tag @{Label1= ‘Value1’}

Currently running AzureRM module version 6.13.1

Hello Seabass,

I just tested this with some Azure Resource Groups and it is working for me.

Screenshot - Redirects to Onedrive and expires on 08-30-2019.

Get-AzureRmResourceGroup -Tag @{Dept="IT"} | FL ResourceGroupName, Tags

ResourceGroupName : cloud-shell-storage-westus
Tags              : {Environment, Dept}

ResourceGroupName : network-rg-westus
Tags              : {Environment, Dept}

ResourceGroupName : servers-rg-westus
Tags              : {Environment, Dept}

ResourceGroupName : stroage-rg-westus
Tags              : {Environment, Dept}

Hey Jason-

Thanks for trying it out. NOW try:

Get-AzureRmResourceGroup -Tag @{Environment=“IT”}

(assuming you don’t have Environment tags without a value of “IT”



Looks like you are right, something weird is going on. I updated the test resource groups to confirm and it appears the filter is pulling all tags with the value IT in it. I even updated the department to Sales and can see all 4 resources pull even though the Department for one of the Resource Groups is sales. I would recommend you to open a case with Microsoft for additional support of the issue.

Screenshot - Link expires on 08-30-2019


Awesome, thanks for the confirmation!