Symbolic/soft links in windows using PowerShell batch one

I have a folder “c:\users\sanv\test1” with hundreds of files say file1, file2, etc

I need to create soft links or symbolic links for them in different folder “c:\users\sanv\test2” say file1.ln,file2.ln,etc.
Just a suffix to each filename but softlinks/symbolic links created in different folder.

I need a single powershell command, it can be long

But I need to know how to achieve this for different folder.
Appreciate your help how to achieve this.

Thanks a lot for your suggestions.

Have a nice time.

V. Sankarraman.

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I’m not sure if I got this right but I doubt that it will be possible to create soft links for several files in different target folders with just one single command. Why does it have to be a single command actually?

In general … you can use New-Item to create soft links (symbolic links) to files or folders.