Suppressing verbose output for Import-PSSession cmdlet

I wrote a function which creates AD users and their mailboxes in bulk by using input .csv file. In order to run Enable-Mailbox cmdlet I put these lines in BEGIN script block:

$exchsession = New-PSSession -ConfigurationName `
Import-PSSession $exchsession -DisableNameChecking | Out-Null

I have many Write-Verbose cmdlets in my function but having called function with -Verbose parameter there are VERBOSE: Importing function ‘…’ for each imported function. How to suppress these VERBOSE lines only for Import-PSSession cmdlet?


I had this issue too, you can run it with -verbose:$false, so the entire command is:

Import-PSSession $exchsession -DisableNameChecking -verbose:$false | Out-Null

I tried this but to no avail.

There are a few more suggestions at