starb-job from start-skript bypassing the elevation


I wrote a Start-Script to measure the size of the local usersprofiles via GPO [Computerkonfiguration>Richtlinien>Administrative Vorlagen>Windows Komponenten/Windows Powershell]from the system-User which works fine!
But it takes very much time because the logon process continues at first when the PS-Script ist finished -> so the user gets impatient. I am trying to run the Skript as a backgroundjob via start-job. But my Execution-Policy forbids my execution.

    Scope ExecutionPolicy
    ----- ---------------

MachinePolicy Unrestricted
UserPolicy Undefined
Process Undefined
CurrentUser Undefined
LocalMachine Unrestricted

how do i bypass my already elevated script(as it is a system-User) to the Start-job script without Credential-information inside the script.
Or if this is impossible by design, how can i run the script in background so it does not slow down the logon-process?

Your start-job should inherit the permissions from the parent script calling start-job. Just don’t specify the credential parameter when calling start-job. Also make sure your parent script isn’t waiting for the job to finish otherwise your users will see the delay.