Sript powershell for empty groups and empty member of

Hey guys,

I need a powershell script to list all the empty groups with empty member of as well

Someone could help please?

This is a highly common system administrative task, have you tried a Google search to see what others have shared in blogs and other forum posts?

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powershell script to find empty groups

This will give you a whole lot of returns for ideas and examples.

PowerShell script that can list all the empty groups with empty members:

Get-ADGroup -Filter {GroupCategory -eq "Security"} -Properties Members |
Where-Object {-not $_.Members} |
Select-Object Name

This script uses the Get-ADGroup cmdlet to retrieve all security groups in the Active Directory domain, and then filters them based on the Members property. The Where-Object cmdlet is used to select only those groups that have no members, and the Select-Object cmdlet is used to display only the group names.