SQL user inventory

Hi. Can you help me with this…
Im going through our SQL environment and need help with a solution which can scan all our 37 sql servers with Win 2008 R2 to Win 2012 R2 with SQL version 2008 R2 to 2016. I want to see all logins and what database each login is connected to and permissions.

Now i have a solution that i connect to every sql intance and run a query that list all logins but it doesnt show which database it belong to.
im also helped if you can give me a solution that list all logins on the servers, permission is no must in this but it would be nice.So i dont have to connect manually to every sql instance.
Found it on
I use answer nr 2 query.

This might assist you in getting there:

Hi thanks for reply.
Sorry but i cant find how i can be helped with that link, seems they only descripe problems with SQL modules eg Get-SQLinstance.
Like i said it dont have to be any listing of login account conncted to specifik database, im really helped if i can skip manually login on each sql server/instance