Sources of Properties explained


I am a beginner and slowly learning the more intermediate aspects of Powershell. So far, I am able [at beginner level] to differentiate between; (1) Property (2) NoteProperty and (3) ScriptProperty. The next 2 that still seem very obscure to me are (4) ParametricProperty and (5) PSVariableProperty.

I’d be grateful for any references to existing articles/blogs/websites that explain (4) and (5) in a more fundamental way, and in more detail. Many thanks in advance!

Parameterized property is just another property which requires additional arguments to define a value. If you are talking about Add-Member cmdlet, it doesn’t have PSVariableProperty as value for MemberType parameter.

DItto for what kvprassson already states, but you say also that you are new. Here are a set of discussions you should leverage as well in this journey.

And this…

Sincere thanks Mr postanote, much appreciated.