Slow importing modules

I know already this is a case of “works on my machine”, or in this case…doesn’t.

But in Cloud Shell or a different machine if i use

#requires az

or import module

In a script then all 64 az modules get loaded in 10 seconds.
On a corporate laptop it takes 15+ minutes! I’ve tried to dig in to why this is without much luck


I’ve tried putting an exclusion in windows defender but still the same.

Any tips on getting more details on what’s slowing things down would be most appreciated, it’s making using
#Requires -Module




What is the PowerShell version you use in local machine ?

Just a guess, In cloudshell, az modules might have already loaded, so reimporting wont make time, check if Import-Module with -Force is also quick in couldshell.

I’m running 7.02 currently (I know 7.0.3 is out) but it’s been happening since 6.x


I tried unloading (remove-module) the modules in cloud shell and it still imported them in <10 seconds.

On my home pc they don’t load on start up and it can import them in <10 seconds there too.


On my work laptop I can’t see anything in task manager consuming high cpu/disk etc. when it’s taking >20 minutes to import them.

I could start digging in procmon or similar but was hoping to avoid that low level