Size of SHAREs - Powershell JOBS/WORKFLOW ?

Trying to get directory size of multiple shares. Created a script which works but doing everything sequentially takes 8:30 hrs. Looking to optimise.

Using Boe Prox’s Get-FolderItem function ( against the following shares


There is approx 1.5TB of data in these shares

Haven’t grasped JOBS and WORKFLOWs. Is this where I should start ? Are there other/better ways of doing this ? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Workflow would be a good way to approach that, as the necessary commands are exposed as Workflow activities, and can therefore run within a Parallel block. But you might not be able to use Boe’s function as-is that way - data handling in Workflow can get pretty complicated.

Jobs would also be valid as an approach.