SetUpDSC nugget 74

Copy \Dsc\PullDemo\MEMBER2.mof c:\ProgramData\PSDSCPullServer\Configuration\e528dee8-6f0b-4885-98a1-1ee4d8e86d82.mof

after the file was created and named MEMBER2.mof how do you know what gUID to hard code(\e528dee8-6f0b-4885-98a1-1ee4d8e86d82.mof) in the copy-item destination portion?

For Copy \Dsc\PullDemo\MEMBER3.mof what would the guid be?

Sorry I’m a lil confused about that part

You make a new random guid and assign it to the file name and client mode. The guid doesn’t really
Come from anywhere.

H Man,

You’ll need to keep track of the machine name to GUID mapping. You can use a CSV / XML file, database table, etc. Some system are already providing a GUID to machine mapping (e.g. Active Directory GUID attribute if all your machines are domain-joined or System Center Configuration Manager) which you could potentially leverage.

ok thanks guys :slight_smile: