Setting audit permission through powershell

I have a function that sets audit permissions on folders, I noticed on some folders like ‘C:\windows\system32’ it runs through and sets them, if i do a (get-acl ‘C:\windows\system32’ -audit).audit its shows the permissions fine, but it doesnt actually show the permissions in the GUI (properties > security > advanced > audit).

Am I doing something wrong or is this an issue with the GUI?

On most other folders it does show correctly in the GUI I should add

Update – Seems to be more than just audits…If i change the audits manually to something else it just shows the audits i set throug hthe script, not the additional one i just set…also if i change the owner, and do a

(get-acl c:\windows\system32).owner

It still shows trustedinstaller as the owner…pretty weird, has anyone else seen any behavior like this before?

It seems powershell is not pulling any relevant information from system32