Set-MsolUserLicense -RemoveLicense Issue

I am trying to an-assign a bulk of user’s licenses from our Office365.

I have all of the user’s UserPrincipalName on a CSV file like so:

That is what I tried to do:

$csv1 = import-csv | select -expandProperty name
Set-MsolUserLicense -UserPrincipalName $csv1 -RemoveLicense “domain:STANDARDPACK”

When I had only ONE user on the CSV file, IT WORKED! But when I tried to add more users to the exact file and in the exact same list, the command fails and give me this error:

Set-MsolUserLicense : Unable to assign this license because it is invalid. Use the Get-MsolAccountSku cmdlet to retrieve a list of valid licenses.

I doubled checked and made sure it is indeed the correct license (domain:StandartPack)

What else can I do? How can I make it work?


You are not looping through the user list in the CSV file.
$csv1 is not a use name, it’s a lot of user names and you can only pass one name at a time.

# Collect all the user names to provision
$csv1 = import-csv | select -expandProperty name

# step through each user and take actions needed.
ForEach($MSOUser in $csv1)
    # your code here'

There is a script on the MS that does this. See if that can replace the effort you are trying.

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There are other approaches, depending on how you need to do this.

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