Set-ADUser for attribute that is NULL

How do I run Set-ADUser for a property (msExchRecipientDisplayType) that is currently set to NULL?

Tried this:

$users = Import-Csv -Path .\TestUsers.csv
foreach ($user in $users) {                        
 Get-ADUser -Identity $($user.DN) -Properties msExchRecipientDisplayType -Server |            
  Set-ADUser -msExchRecipientDisplayType $($user.Value)

My error is:

Set-ADUser : A parameter cannot be found that matches parameter name ‘msExchRecipientDisplayType’.

I thought I would have the parameter in the pipeline to set.

Exchange Active Directory attributes should only be set with Exchange cmdlets.

I’m not an Exchange SME, but my guess would be that those values are set when you do something like Enable-Mailbox for a user would associate the attribute with a User Mailbox. To reiterate (also by the first link), Exchange sets those values, they should not be directly modified

this worked:

$users = import-csv 
Foreach ($u in $users) {set-ADUser $u.DN -replace @{msexchrecipientdisplaytype="0"}