Server decommissioning using DSC

Hi, I want to accomplish this with DSC (I assume classic script will do the job here too).

  • Uninstall SCOM agent

  • Uninstall MECM client

  • Remove server from domain

I guess other two steps such as removing server from all Veeam backup jobs/removing VM from vSphere are doable with DSC as well using DSC Resources. I have already used DSC but mostly for basic monitoring of services/IIP App Pools. Any help would be appreciated.

Adding a link to the original post where this req came: Server decommissioning GUI App - PowerShell Help - PowerShell Forums

Ok, can you help me out with these 3 steps using DSC?

I am not aware of any DSC resources to handle those. But this can be done using a Script Resource or by creating custom DSC resources for each.

DSC Script Resource - PowerShell | Microsoft Docs

For the first two steps why Package DSC resource can’t be used?

yes. You can use if you know the product IDs.

Ok, will try to do on my own since it looks like you are a man of a few words. Thank you anyway.

:slight_smile: . Yes. That’s how we normally expect in forums. Its better to start with some code and share it here if you face any issues/doubts in code.

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