Send variable list of computernames to New-PSSession

I’m probably just making a very simple mistake here but the following line works:
$PSSessionList = New-PSSession -ComputerName CACDC01,CACDC03,CACDS01,CACFPS -Credential (Get-Credential -UserName “$env:USERDOMAIN$env:USERNAME” -Message “Please enter credentials for $env:USERDOMAIN”)

However, when I try to do the following it fails:
$ComputerList = “CACDC01,CACDC03,CACDS01,CACFPS”

$PSSessionList = New-PSSession -ComputerName $ComputerList -Credential (Get-Credential -UserName “$env:USERDOMAIN$env:USERNAME” -Message “Please enter credentials for $env:USERDOMAIN”)

How can I get New-PSSession to take a list I build up dynamically and then open a possession to them?

In the end I will check what computers on the network has been discovered, open a session to them and run a bunch of commands on them.

You are nearly right. Your problem is you’ve created a string containing multiple computer names instead of a collection strings each containing a computer name

This works
PS> $computers = ‘W12R2SUS’, ‘W12R2DSC’
PS> $ps = New-PSSession -ComputerName $computers
PS> $ps

Id Name ComputerName State ConfigurationName Availability

2 Session2 W12R2DSC Opened Microsoft.PowerShell Available
1 Session1 W12R2SUS Opened Microsoft.PowerShell Available

You need to change

$ComputerList = “CACDC01,CACDC03,CACDS01,CACFPS”


$ComputerList = ‘CACDC01’, ‘CACDC03’, ‘CACDS01’, ‘CACFPS’