Send pop-up to remote computer using powershell


Is there any way to use Powershell to send a pop-up to remote computer?

I found following script:

$a = new-object -comobject
$b = $a.popup(“This is a test message from “,0,”Test message from techibee”,1)

Not really, no. When Microsoft retired the old Messenger service (in WinXP), they made a deliberate decision to disallow this kind of activity for security reasons.

Windows is a multi-user operating system, and each user’s environment is strictly isolated. If YOU connect to a remote computer, you get YOUR own environment, and what happens in it isn’t visible to other user sessions on the same computer.

While there are some janky workarounds, the main way companies today would achieve this is through some instant messaging platform, like Slack or Yammer or something.