Selecting Items from a List Box

I found that documentation - which could works for me

I want to add something: i want to populate the list box with choices and depending of the choices made, i will run different commands

atl-dc-001 could be replaced by ping

atl-dc-002 could be replaced by tracert

If in the list box i select ping, when i press OK - i want an action to run and if i choose tracert i want a second action to run. I don’t find the right formula to make it works. Any idea?



[void] $listBox.Items.Add('atl-dc-001')

[void] $listBox.Items.Add(‘atl-dc-002’)

[void] $listBox.Items.Add(‘atl-dc-003’)

$form.Controls.Add($listBox) $form.Topmost = $true $result = $form.ShowDialog()

if ($result -eq [System.Windows.Forms.DialogResult]::OK)


$x = $listBox.SelectedItem




Just use switch:

switch ( $listBox.SelectedItem ) {
    'tracert' {
        #Do stuff for tracert
    'ping' {
        #Do stuff for ping

Thanks Rob,


I think it smells very good ;o)