Seeing "CDATA" blocks in PRE code snippets

I’m seeing CDATA information in the code snippets, take a look at this post:

Sorry, Rob. Perfect code formatting is hard when anyone can add code.

Just wanted to ensure it was known so that if it could be corrected an admin was aware of it. Thanks.

As a note, all that string concatenation isn’t strictly necessary. PowerShell replaces variables with their values inside double quotes. Just makes reading the code a little easier.

The help says that -EmailAddresses accepts one object of the type ProxyAddressCollection. You’re providing a single, comma-delimited string as a single value within a hash table.

One way to do this:

$foo = get-mailbox bsuneja
$foo.EmailAddresses += "",""
$foo | set-mailbox

Hmm. It’s something about the @ sign in a PRE block. I might be able to filter it.

Ah. Yeah. This is WordPress trying to obfuscate the e-mail address and getting hung up in the code formatting.

This was a CloudFlare setting. It’s adjusted; it’ll take some time to actually start working.