Secrets of PowerShell Remoting eBook Problem

Hello. I recently downloaded When trying to open it in Word 2013, I receive a message about the file being corrupted. You can see the error in the attached screenshots. I just thought I would let someone know.

Thanks. I’m not presently having any problems downloading the file; you might try from a different network.

How are you downloading it? If you right-click on this URL and choose Save As, it works for me (making sure to rename the file to a .docx extension; Internet Explorer may be detecting it as .zip instead, which is a known issue with Open XML files and web servers which don’t provide the proper MIME Content-Type headers.)

Edit: I got that URL by browsing to the .docx file on github, and saving the shortcut from the “View Raw” link.

Don and Dave. I’m able to download the file just fine. It downloads as a .docx extension. Opening the file is another thing. Please try opening the file in Word 2013.

Sadly I don’t have word 2013 :frowning:

I deleted the file and downloaded it again via Dave Wyatt’s link. This time it opens fine in Word. Odd, the link I was using was the following:

Either way, cheers! It’s working.