searching for string different results


I have a function called Search to search for a string in files in a folder. If it found a file without the string it moves it to another folder.

So the Function in line 26 works. If found one file not containing text and moved it to the appropriate folder

The issue with function starting in 35, it think none of the files contain that word $Lookup, so it moved all files into the folder. Is the string too long?

$Choice = $null

Function Search($Folder, $CopyTo, $Pattern, $Lookup){
    Remove-Item $CopyTo\*
    $Read = Get-ChildItem $Folder | Where-Object {$_.FullName -match "$Pattern"}    
    $Found = 0
    $NotFound = 0
    $FileCount = 0
    foreach($Files in $Read){    
        $ReadFile = Get-Content ($Files.FullName)   
        if($ReadFile -ccontains $Lookup){                   

            Copy-Item ($Files.FullName) -Destination $CopyTo
    Write-Host "There are" $FileCount "text files matching $Pattern!"
    Write-Host "Found" $Found "files matching text!"
    Write-Host "Copied" $NotFound "files to $CopyTo`n" -ForegroundColor Red

Function BackupRouterConfigs(){
    $RouterFolder = "\\hqfs1\Shares\HQShared\IT\NetworkBackups\BackupRouterConfigs"
    $RouterCopyTo = "\\hqfs1\Shares\HQShared\IT\NetworkBackups\RouterSearchResults"
    $Pattern = "Current.Running.MR"
    $Lookup = "event manager environment _email_server"

    Search $RouterFolder $RouterCopyTo $Pattern $Lookup

Function BranchSwitchBackups(){    
    $SwitchFolder = "\\hqfs1\Shares\HQShared\IT\NetworkBackups\BranchSwitchBackups"
    $SwitchCopyTo = "\\hqfs1\Shares\HQShared\IT\NetworkBackups\SwitchSearchResults"
    $Pattern = "Current.Running"    
    $Lookup = "69643a697070686f6e652e6d6974656c2e636f6d3b73775f746674703d31302e36302e3130312e343b63616c6c5f7372763d31302e36302e3"

    Search $SwitchFolder $SwitchCopyTo $Pattern $Lookup

Write-Host "Make a selection and press enter to continue!" -ForegroundColor Green
Write-Host "---------------------------------------------`n" -ForegroundColor Cyan

While($Choice -ne 0)
    Write-Host "[1]`tSearch BackupRouterConfigs folder" -ForegroundColor Green
    Write-Host "[2]`tSearch BranchSwitchBackups folder" -ForegroundColor Green
    Write-Host "[0]`tQuit program" -ForegroundColor Green
    $Choice = Read-Host "`tSelection: "
    Write-Host "`n"

        1 {BackupRouterConfigs}      
        2 {BranchSwitchBackups}      



Found the solution by adding select-string.