script with two conditions

hi friends

I am new to PowerShell and i am studying hard since I’ve found it excellent to automate administrative tasks in my network.

I am trying to write an script which checks if ADDS service (which its service name is NTDS) exist & also if it is running, then my command which creates a set of objects in AD be executed (new-ADobject …)

I am familiar with get-service Cmdlet & also with basic “if statement”, which is
if (my condition) {
do stuff

but I don’t know how to combine these things to make the final code.

may someone please write me the code, so that a begin to study about the different parts of the final code?

thanks a lot

Hey Maria,

You could try something like this :

$service = Get-Service -Name NTDS
If (($service) -and ($service.status -eq 'Running')) 
  Write-Output -InputObject 'NTDS Service exists and is running'

The first part of the condition validates that the value in the $service variable is not null (i.e. the service has been found matching the name), and the second part confirms the service itself is running.

Hi tim.
thank you very much