Script via Task Scheduler no longer works

Good day all. We have a script that is set to run from Task Scheduler that had been working for over a year and now has stopped functioning on most, but not all, servers. This was first noticed several months back but not looked into so troubleshooting a related Windows update would be hard but that is the current thinking as to what broke this. The script still functions properly if logged onto the server and ran directly in PowerShell but it does not function if selecting the Run option in the Task Scheduler Library. Below is the details of how this is setup where it’s been working and suddenly stopped. This was working on Server 2008R2 and 2012 in the past with a mix of PowerShell versions 2 - 5 then suddenly stopped. Any tips would be appreciated.
Task Settings:
Task is set to run as a domain admin account and “Run with highest privileges” is selected
Triggered weekly at 1am
Action: Start a program
Program/script: powershell
Add arguments: .\script1.ps1
Start in: \domain\netlogon\scripts
All other Task settings are default
If this task it run manually it returns (0x1)
“Task Scheduler successfully completed task “\PS-Task1” , instance “{0efc8244-fc16-4c90-aadc-ccd5e655957c}” , action “C:\Windows\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\powershell.EXE” with return code 1.”
“Task Scheduler successfully finished “{0efc8244-fc16-4c90-aadc-ccd5e655957c}” instance of the “\PS-Task1” task for user “Domain\svc_PS-Task1”.”

You said,

now has stopped functioning on most, but not all, servers

If it is an update(probably installed in all servers), will cause the same issue for every server.
So you can check what is changed in common for the servers where the script is not working.

Yeah we attempted this and we were not able to figure out the common change. Everything that was thought of was tested and proven not to be the cause or correction to the issue.

Hello Nick

Do you mean to say it runs ok when triggered manually ?

is the option run weather user is logged on or not greyed out ?