Script to Get free space on C:

I want to get free space on C: on a number of machines listed in a file.
Then export to excel.

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Thank you so much for your prompt reply. I am completely agreed with you. I’ve written the code but facing some issue. Let me explain:

$computers = get-content “C:\temp\xyz.txt”
for each ($computer in $computers)
{$disk = Get-Ciminstance win32_logicaldisk -computername $computers -filter drivetype=3 | select-object device id,
@{‘name’=‘size’; ‘expression’={[math]::truncate($.size / 1gb)}}
@{‘name’=‘freespace’; ‘expression’={[math]::truncate($
.freespace / 1gb)}}
foreach($disk in $disk)
{$disk.deviceid + $disk.freespace.tostring(“n0”) + "gb / " +$disk.size.tostring(“N0”) + “gb”}

it seems something wrong in this coz its going into loop and not stopping

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Thanks in advance

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Don’t you get error messages when you run this code?

?? What’s that? :smirk: :wink:

In your loop header you create the loop variable $computer but inside your loop you use the list of computers you have in $computers.
I’d recommend NOT to use the plural “s” for arrays / lists. Instead you should use something more obvious like $computerList or $computerArray or $computerCollection or …

And BTW: Actually you don’t need a loop at all. The parameter -ComputerName of the cmdlet Get-CimInstance accepts a list of computer names. :wink: