Script to backup PST files

Hello, my dear friends.
As topic headline says, im trying to accomplish this task with powershell.
I need to copy all related PST files from computersand from all users in my network(around 30)
I tested my solution and it worked fine, when im copying txt file from default C$ location.
My question is, how can i add all users from specific computers to variable so i can add it to my script?
As far as it goes, i created variable which stores computer names from txt file and then, for each loop copies files to remote server.

If you guys need any clarification, i will do my best to explain further.
Tnx in advance!

So, you have a variable with all the computer names.

I don’t think I understand “…add all users from specific computers.” Do you have a list of user names someplace, or do you just need to enumerate the user folders under C:\Users?

First, tnx Don for quick reply, its a honor to discuss powershell topics with you.
I managed to acomplish what i wanted with couple of for each and if loops.
If someone is interested, i would gladly share my work.
I managed to access all computers from list, get all the directories in user folder, exclude documents, etc and grab all the.pst files and then, i checked if there is already a folder with the same name on destination and if not, create it and copy backups there.