Script resource looping through configuration items

Hello All,

Using DSC i am trying to set a number of web server properties in IIS.
I’ve had a look at the xWebadministration resource and its great and I use it for setting a number of things.
However, it doesn’t look to me like it supports setting a number of things at a server level rather than site level.
Ok, to get round that i can create a script resource that does a number of Set-webconfigurationProperty things.
I have 14 things to set. Now i’ve got it working by breaking it up into multiple script resources, for example,

Script IIS_1 {
		GetScript = {
						GetScript = $GetScript
						SetScript = $SetScript
						TestScript = $TestScript
						Result = (Get-WebConfigurationProperty /system.applicationhost/confighistory -name path.value)
		setScript = {
		Set-WebConfigurationProperty /system.applicationhost/confighistory -name path -value "d:\inetpub\history"
		Testscript = {
			(Get-WebConfigurationProperty /system.applicationhost/confighistory -name path.value) -eq "d:\inetpub\history"

Now i can set the next property by creating a new script resource and just copying the above but replacing the configuration property.
However, i think there must be a better way of achieving this by just looping through each webconfigurationproperty and checking and setting where appropriate. I am struggling though to see how this can be done


You’re to the point where you should be writing a custom resource, rather than using Script. You’re simply running up against the limitations of what Script was designed to do.

Thanks Don,

yes i can see that now, I have actually got the functionality I want working, which was the first step.
I’ve dont this by repeating the script resource for each property i want to set.
The next step is to now create a custom resource and streamline it all a bit.