Script execution jumps to console undesireable behaviour

Recently some of my instances on different machines has been exhibiting the behaviour of jumping to the console pane after executing a script (from the script pane). This is not welcome behaviour. Does anyone know how to configure this? When I am in the script pane, I want to stay in the script pane. I have not found anything useful online. I do not want to hit CTRL-I after every script run because that’s not how we did it in the old days… we just hit F5 or F8 and then carried on.

Are you talking about the ISE? As I understand and have experienced for years, this is the way it’s always been. I recall one of the powershell summits a speaker spoke about fixing that. My ISE has always left my prompt in the console after f5/f8. If there is a way to make it not, i’m interested as well.

How do you get anything done? This would seem a deterrent to using the scripting window. I do not want to spend an extra second or two looking for my cursor and then grabbing the mouse to put it where I need it to go.

Here are the different PSVersions I’m running

PSVersion 5.1.14409.1018 No jump
PSVersion 5.1.17763.1007 Jump
PSVersion 5.1.18362.628 Jump

Maybe someone ‘fixed’ this feature.



Well i can keep hitting f8 and it keeps running the selection, but when i start typing it’s in the console. I am on 5.1.18362.628.