SAP Module or cmdlets for PowerShell

Hi all,
I want to use PowerShell to stop and start some SAP services within SAP ( Not Windows services)
I’ve been looking around trying to find a module and set of cmdlets to allow me to do this but am not having much luck.

I have managed to find what look like 3rd party cmdlets but I was hoping for something more official from Microsoft before I start playing with 3rd party cmdlets

As always any help is appreciated.

I’ve never known MS to write tools for managing other vendor products / stacks / services.

They have provided interop and integration features with partners.

So, I’d not expect the PowerShell Team to do this. So, it would be more prudent for you to reach out to SAP or any other vendor you’d need to for PoSH packages, much like those provided by Amazon, VMWare, etc. Otherwise the 3rdP, community stuff you’ve already discovered are you options.

Remember, PoSH is now an open source project. So, if those who participate wish to add such things, that is up to that author/authors.