Running script on powershell exit design gudline needed


I need to send everything what user entered during powershell session untill exit. Powershell is being run via Powershell web access which adds a twist to this scenario since session can be open for quite sometime. What is the best way to approach this requirement.
I can start transcript in profile for all users but how do stop and email transcript at the end?

There are probably a lot of ways. If you look at the PowerShell Summit NA 2015 session recordings on YouTube (, Lee Holmes and Jeff Hicks did a security session that includes some of PowerShell’s newer auditing capabilities.

Another options is to create a custom endpoint, and have PWA connect to that rather than to the default endpoint (e.g., remove permissions to use the default endpoint). Your endpoint can have a startup script, which could start a session transcript each time someone connects. You wouldn’t need to stop the transcript; it’ll stop when they disconnect. In terms of mailing it, you’d probably want an external script running on a schedule to look for, and email, new transcripts it finds.


Would not registering for Exit event ( allow me to run a script when sessions breaks?