Running script (.cmd) or exe under user context using DSC


We are trying to install Windows 10 ADK under user context. We performed following steps:

  1. Created self signed certificate for Target Node and Authoring Node on Target Node(referred

  2. Ran following script to install ADK, but ADK keeps on installing under system context when checked in task manager on target node.
    I checked the mof file created and it shows credential=NULL.
    Please guide of we are missing on anything.

Configuration MyConfiguration

Import-DscResource -ModuleName PSDesiredStateConfiguration 

Node $AllNodes.NodeName
    Script ADK10
        SetScript = {& \\UNCPATH\ADK10.cmd}
        TestScript = {$False}
        GetScript = {# Do Nothing}
        Credential = $credential
    CertificateID = '3F6609C3FB9E8BC141F04C9EB07186E346DD64AA'

$cd = @{
AllNodes = @(
NodeName = “TargetServerName”
PSDscAllowDomainUser = $true
CertificateFile = ‘Path to public key certificate’
Thumbprint = ‘3F6609C3FB9E8BC141F04C9EB07186E346DD64AA’
MyConfiguration -ConfigurationData $Cd -OutputPath “\UNCPath\Test3”
Set-DscLocalConfigurationManager -Path “\UNCPath\Test3” -Force -Verbose
Start-DscConfiguration -Path “\UNCPath\Test3” -Wait -Verbose -force

Again, this is really an ADK thing, not PowerShell - it’s something you might need to take up with Microsoft Product Support.