Running script as user with elevated rights

First post and am very new to PowerShell, so please forgive any stupid questions.

Here is the issue I have.

I work for a large company and generally deal with many user who either work from home or are traveling. The issue we run into most of the time is that if the VPN is not working and they have no admin rights there is nothing we can do for the user short of sending a new PC or have them travel into a office. Many times both of these are time consuming and waste money. The PC’s have a local admin account but this password is only for SME’s and can;t be handed out to any 2nd level techs. So we can pretty much never use that account for uninstalling and re-install apps or do anything driver or hardware related.

What I am looking for is a Script that we can add to each PC that will allow us to run it, put in a password that is not a domain or local box password, but a static out just for this script. Once the script launches it will open any .cpl file we need it to with Admin rights from the local PC.


The script must be password protected with a non-domain or local admin account.
When the script runs neither the tech or End user can see the Local admin password used to open the CPL file.
Password must remain encrypted so its safe to have on all users PC.

With a script like this we would still be able to remote in over the internet and do any admin related task without needing any admin password and would also prevent the end user from running the script.

I do have this link to get the local box account setup so thats a start.

I am sure this is probably a bit much for someone new to start out with, but I figured something like this has to be out there and there is no point re-doing it if not needed. For my learning I will start with a little less ambitious projects.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

What you’re after is a custom Remoting endpoint. “Secrets of PowerShell Remoting” covers those.