Running remote shutdown command on Raspberri Pi

I made a web based dashboard that can turn on/off systems remotely.
It’s currently working on my windows dev machine using the command…
“shutdown /s /m \ /t 0 /f”
Just the ip address is enough to shutdown any system in the office.
But my goal is to get it running on a Raspberri Pi 4.
I thought it was as easy as installing power-shell and running the same command, but the argument “shutdown” is not recognized. (“pwsh shutdown /s /m \ /t 0 /f”)
I also seen people saying to use “stop-Computer -computerName” but “stop-Computer” is also not recognized.
Maybe it’s not even possible to run it on Linux?

Shutdown.exe is a Windows OS executable, not a native PowerShell command.
Restart-Computer is the PowerShell command but not sure if that is available in PowerShell for Linux.